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Magnetic alloy powder core, Sendust core, CS610125, OD 62mm, 125ui for PFC circuit

Techtrans reserved extra 10,000pcs of Sendust core unawares in 2015.  To reduce the high stock, we would like to sell out in sacrifice price. After the clearance, we will keep fresh stock by customer order and price will be back to market level.  If you are interested in designing the core in your power products, please contact us.  Enclosed please find the datasheet of CS610125 for designing evaluation.   Sendust core / Advantage 1.    Low core loss 2.    Good DC Bias  3.    Low cost 4.    Good temp. stability 5.    Curie Temp.[C] : 500 Characteristics Ideal for eliminating audible noise in filter inductor Core loss is significantly lower than iron core Smart choice for PFC circuit   Application: Switching regulator inductor In-line noise filters Pulse transformers Flyback transformers   If you need samples for designing and test, please let us know timely.   Thanks & Best Regards,Eliza Hu (Ext.11) TECHTRANS ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD.Tel: +886-2-2918 9913E-mail:  

AF-150 CL-2 (25% extendable for PU use)

Material: Conductive Paste Feature:   Good for stretch on fabric, PU circuit Curing conditioin: 100 C ~ 120 C x 30 Minutes Resistance:  10^-4 Ohm at 100 C x 30 MIN Hardness: >= HB    

5KV High Frequency High Voltage Transformer

Application:  Plasma source or the kind  Feature :  Quality transformer for power conversion (for indoor use) Specification:   P = 1kW ~ 5kW, Input: 220V   Output: 5kV (nominal 2kV) Working Frequency: 500Hz~1kHz      

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Selmag Taiwan is a professional manufacturer, importer and exporter of high quality and competitively priced electronic products. Our products include three general categories: Magnetic components, insulation material, and mobile phone components. At Selmag, we work closely with our industry-leading customers in providing a full range of products and services to meet custom components needs at competitive price and excellent delivery time.
Our magnetic components production facilities are located in Dong Guan, Guang Dong China, which supports and fulfills worldwide customer orders for electronic transformers, magnetic components, and coils.